What happens at the end of scene four in the play antigone?

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At the end of Part IV inAntigone, Antigone has been captured by the guards for trying to move her father's body.  The guards debate on what to do with her when Creon enters the scene.  Creon immediately releases the guards from their duty, sending them away.  He turns on Antigone, demanding she go to bed and tell no one what has happened. 

Antigone refuses to let this go.  She informs Creon that she will go back tonight.  Creon compares her to Oedipus, insisting that she has the same foolish pride as her father, and warns Antigone that this sort of behavior will lead to a "cozy tea party with death and destiny."   Creon ends the scene pleased that he has humbler lineage, one less likely to end in tragedy. 


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