What happens in the end of Hullabaloo in the Guava Orchard?

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At the ending of this story, it is suggested that Sampath, tiring of the attention he is recieving, mystically transforms into a guava that is carried away by the troop of monkeys he befriends. As they climb higher and higher, and eventually disappear, the spy who has been hiding in the lower limbs of the tree, falls into the pot that Kulfi was using to prepare her dishes and fulfills Kulfi's desire of cooking a truly spectacular dish with a very special kind of meat. Note how this is described at the end, when the crowds of people hear a loud crack and then a splash, and come and investigate:

Above Kulfi's enormous cooking pot hung a broken branch. In the pot were spices and seasonings, herbs and fruit, a delicious gravy.

And something else.

The story ends with the spectators approaching the cauldron "gingerly" as they move closer to see what might have actually falled into the cauldron. This is an intensely funny and hilarious ending, as the characters seem to have got what they wanted: Sampath achieves the peace and isolation he has always desired, and Kulfi manages to cook the dish she has been wanting to cook all along, having found her mystery ingredient by complete chance.

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