what happens at the end of the most dangerous game  

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Rainsford is being pursued by Zaroff and his dogs.  He comes to a cliff where "twenty feet below him the sea rumbled and hissed"  He could see the chateau of General Zaroff across the cove.  He hesitated and then jumped into the sea.

General Zaroff gets to the cliff, realizes that Rainsford has jumped, shruggs, lights a cigarette, and hums a tune from Madame Butterfly. He then goes home and has a wonderful meal.  Two things worried Zaroff.  First of all, how was he going to replace Ivan, and secondly, he hadn't killed the American.  The American had cheated him of that pleasure.  He reads a little and has an after dinner drink before going to bed at ten.

When he retires, there is a man standing behind the curtain of his bedroom.  It is Rainsford.  Zaroff congratulates him and tells him that he has won the game.  But Rainsford is not that stupid.  He knows that the General can never let him return to civilization and tell others what he knows about the island.  He tells Zaroff

"I am still a beast at bay" (pg 15)

Zaroff understands that one of them has to die and

 "furnish a repast (meal) for the hounds. The other will sleep in a very excellent bed."

He then says, "On Guard" which people say when they sword fight.  So Rainsford and Zaroff sword fight, and Rainsford decides that

"He had never slept in a better bed.." (pg 15)

Rainsford won.

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