In Ray Bradbury's short story "The Sound of Thunder", what happens to Eckels at the end of the story?

Expert Answers
ladyvols1 eNotes educator| Certified Educator

Although Bradbury does not specifically state what happens to Eckles, we can assume that Eckles is killed by Travis.  Discovering that Eckles has indeed brought back something from the future and the course of history has been changed the end of the story has Eckles on his knees with his eyes closed and hears Travis move his rifle, take off the safety and then a sound of thunder, or as I understand it to mean, the firing of the gun.

mocorox | Student

Aright so this is what I think happened: You know through the the story the "sound of thunder" was always the dinosaur? Well I was thinking, since Eckels did end up smashing the butterfly, maybe the parallel world ends up having dinosaurs! Haha that's just how I interpreted Ray Bradbury doesn't seem like he'd end the story with the obvious "Eckels gets shot"...

hesham | Student

The most possible and appropriate answer is that Eckels was killed by Travis, even this is what happened in the movie but also there are some possibilities like (Eckels killed himself).

jay911 | Student

As my freind hesham said, the possible event is that Eckels is shot by Travis. You can even see that if you watch the 3 parts of this movie on YouTube. Just search and you'll see a video named " A Sound of Thunder" Part 1 of 3, or Part 2 of 3, or Part 3 of 3. When you find one of those, just view the user's videos to find the other two parts.