What happens each time Ray finishes a new section of the field in Shoeless Joe?

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lhc eNotes educator| Certified Educator

At first, Ray completes only one section of the field, left field, and at that point, shadowy, ethereal figures of the disgraced Unlucky Eight (banned from baseball after their involvement in a bribery scheme that ruined the World Series of 1919) appear, with the exception of Shoeless Joe Jackson, who is completely visible to Ray.  Shoeless Joe and Ray discuss Shoeless Joe's love for the game of baseball and Ray promises that he will finish the field.  Thereafter, every time Ray finishes a section of the field, more of the ghostly figures lose their shadowy appearance and become completely visible to Ray as they play baseball on his field.

pgd | Student

The people that played the position from the Black Sox team in 1919 come to their positions on the field