Much Ado About Nothing Questions and Answers
by William Shakespeare

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What happens to Don John at the end of Much Ado About Nothing?

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In Shakespeare's Much Ado About Nothing, Don John, "the Bastard Prince," aims to make everyone miserable by throwing a wrench into the wedding between Hero and Claudio and humiliating his brother, Don Pedro, in the process. Don John convinces Claudio that Hero has slept with another man; consequently, Claudio leaves Hero at the alter after publicly outing her alleged act of infidelity, effectively ruining her reputation and the impending marriage. 

Thankfully, the source of this lie is eventually traced back to Don John and his henchmen, and Claudio and Hero...

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opolichinelo88 | Student

He attempts to escape punishment, leaving Borachio and Conrade, however is captured and awaiting chastisement. This concludes the play well and creates a typical 'happy ending'