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The Diary of a Young Girl

by Anne Frank

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What happens in a Anne Frank: The Diary of a Young Girl in Thursday, 19 November, 1942 to Saturday, 27 February, 1943.

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The section you have identified runs from Thursday, 19 November, 1942 to Saturday, 27 February, 1943. This section begins with the arrival of Dussel, who has joined the Frank family in their hiding place. Anne is slightly frustrated that she needs to share her room with him, but she is happy to do so for a "good cause." Dussel also brings sad news from the "outside world," of many people who have been taken away. Anne experiences guilt because of her safety when so many of her friends have been taken away. Anne and the other Jews with her try to cope with this gloom. Anne also begins to feel isolated and lonely.

They use to much electricity and therefore have to cope with two weeks without electricity. They engage themselves in all sorts of activities to pass the time, but Dussel is said to show himself for who he really is: "a stodgy, old-fashioned disciplinarian." The celebrations for Chanuka and St. Nicholas Day are reported, and Dussel's rather unfortunate attempts to practice his dentistry are shared. The somewhat claustrophobic nature of life in the annexe is referred to, and the simple joys and frustrations. Reference is made to "outside" again and how terrible life is, not just for Jews, but for the Dutch as well. Anne feels intense anger at the way she is being treated by the adults and reports how she "flares up" in response to all the rebukes she receives. Clearly, Anne is not the only one to be impacted by the claustrophobic nature of their lives.

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