Please give a summary of The Devil's Arithmetic from Chapter 11 through to Chapter 13.

Expert Answers
accessteacher eNotes educator| Certified Educator

Chapter Eleven narrates the journey of the boxcars to their destination. There are only two stops, one for the people within each boxcar to drink. As they arrive at their destination, Hannah struggles with being the only person who knows what is really happening as the rest ignore what she is saying. The men and women are separated, and the women are forced to shower and then are shaved. The chapter ends with Gitl encouraging Hannah never to cry in front of their captors.

In Chapter Twelve, they have to find clothes to fit them from those that have died before. Each of the prisoners in turn is tattooed with their new number, that takes away their name. They go for their first night's sleep, trying to cope with their new reality and Hannah goes to sleep, dreaming of food.

They wake up in Chapter Thirteen with the announcement that they will receive food. Yet they are struck by tragedy as little Tzipporah died in the night. They are each given a food bowl and told to look after it. They are given their responsibilities and told what work they will be doing. Hannah finds a measure of peace in being with her friends.