The Journey to the West Questions and Answers
by Wu Chengen

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What happens at the Child-and-Mother River?

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After crossing the river, Tripitaka and Pa-chieh feel thirsty. When they see how clear the water of the river is, they both drink some. Soon they both start to feel intense pain in their stomachs. They come upon a village household and learn that the river they drank from is called the Child-and-Mother River. They have actually reached the Nation of Women, and local women drink water from that river in order to conceive. Therefore, Tripitaka and Pa-chieh are pregnant, and the only cure is water from an Abortion Stream inside a Child Destruction Cave, which has been turned into the Shrine of Immortal Assembly by a Taoist named True Immortal Compliant, who will not give away this water freely. The monkey goes there only to find out that the Taoist is the uncle of the Red Boy, who has been converted into an attendant of Bodhisattva Kuan-yin due to the monkey, and the Taoist therefore sees the monkey as an enemy. They enter into a fight. Realizing that he won't be able to get the water by himself, the monkey goes back and gets Sha Monk to help him. He fights the Taoist by himself and has Sha Monk fetch the water. Then they return to the village household with the water. Tripitaka and Pa-chieh drink the water and successfully terminate their pregnancies.

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