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There is so much going on in this story. It is a fast paced book, with tons of action and adventure. Written in 1980 by Erik Christian Haugaard, he opens up a world to us that has far reaching implications. 

Erik Hansen is a 14 year old boy from Denmark. He is going on a school trip to Germany for the day. The group of school kids are taking the ferry to Germany. While on the ferry, a man in a grey raincoat approaches Erik and hands him a package. He gives him an address in Hamburg, Germany, and tells Erik to deliver the package if he doesn't see him again. Erik then sees the old man being taken by the Gestapo for some unknown crime. Erik opens the package and discovers 50 Danish passports. He decides to deliver the package. After he delivers the package, he sees the people get arrested by the gestapo. Erik meets a young girl, close to his age, and helps her get to Denmark. 

The story takes place right before Germany invades Poland, which was the beginning of WWII. There are many themes within the story. Haugaard asks the questions of morality and social justice. When do we step in and try to help? If Erik hadn't helped, would he have been just as guilty as the Nazi's? Are we just as guilty if we don't fight for justice? These are a few of the questions that we have to ask ourselves, when we read this book. We can not overlook the horrors of Nazi Germany and try to pretend it never happened. Haugaard tries to tell us that throughout this story.

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