The Master Puppeteer Questions and Answers
by Katherine Paterson

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What happens in chapters one to three in The Master Puppeteer? I need a 3-5 sentence summary for each chapter. Thank you!

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Thirteen-year-old Jiro is the son of Hanji, the puppet maker, and his disagreeable wife Isako, in feudal Japan. Times are hard, and there is a great discrepancy between the rich and the poor during these times. Hanji's family is starving, but fortunately, with the bumbling help of his son, he has finished a puppet commissioned by the theater company of Yoshida. The night before they are to deliver it, father and son treat themselves to a visit to the public baths. There, Hanji talks to a friend, Sano, who tells him that Saburo, a mysterious Robin Hood-like character, has managed an amazing burglary on the establishment of Furukawa, the rice merchant, stealing food from the rich to give to the poor (Chapter 1).

Jiro accompanies Hanji to...

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