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The Boy in the Striped Pajamas
Chapter 16-20
Situation Irony Activity

Situation irony happens when there is a discrepancy between what is expected and what actually happens.
Page Number The actual situation What we would expect to
Chapter 16 page 178 Bruno and Shmuel thinks that Shmuel will get out some day but he will at least Bruno was keeping his hopes up What would really happen is that Shmuel won’t get out but will be killed by too much work or they would treate him so badly he would die.
Chapter 18 page 194


Shmuel didn’t see his father and he got worried. His father went to work and didn’t come back. Because Bruno’s father works there he would ask his father were Shmuel’s father went and when he would com back to the concentration camp. Bruno and Shmuel both didn’t know where Shmuel’s father went so he wanted to ask Bruno’s father. The real situation was that the commandant (Bruno’s father) killed Shmuel’s dad but they didn’t know that
Chapter 18 page 198


Shmuel asked Bruno to come in the concentration camp with him so Bruno can help Shmuel find his father. Bruno though that it would be fun and exiting adventure and he would finally explore the other side of the fence. He though that every thing would be fun. The real “exploration and fun” won’t be as fun as he though it would be it will be terrible the soldiers will treat them badly and maybe even kill them.
Chapter 19 page 203


Bruno though that the striped pajama’s is like a costume and he can play a play with Shmuel and have fun The real situation is the “costume” as Bruno though wasn’t as nice and stank they have never washed it. The striped pajama’s was also used to separate the as the Nazi’s called them “the normal people” and “the Jews” and also “the people in the concentration camp”
Chapter 19 page 206


Bruno though that the people in the other side of the fence were happy people and they would run around and play basketball or tennis or football all day long. They would have a great life The truth is that they would all unhappy and crying. The things that they would do to them were horrible they would work until they died. The soldiers wouldn’t care and kill the people. They would do horrible tortures to them until they died…etc

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