What happens in Chapters 16, 17, and 18 of "Adam of the Road"?

Expert Answers
dymatsuoka eNotes educator| Certified Educator

Adam climbs to the top of a high abbey wall in St. Giles to watch a miracle play about Adam and Eve in Chapter 16.  He falls from his perch, providing a touch of ironic realism to the theme of the biblical Adam's fall from grace.

Adam, knocked unconscious by his fall, finds in Chapter 17 that he has been rescued by one of the actors, who happens to be a priest.  Adam's injury is serious and his recuperation long, but the priest and his sister are very kind.  Unfortunately, when he is finally well, his benefactor's desireis that he stay on and work at the vicarage as a parish clerk.  Adam wants to continue searching for his father and Nick, but the priest does not approve of the secular life of a minstrel and wants him to use his talents "in God's service".  One day Adam meets the de Vesey family, a band of minstrels, in a back alley.  They have heard of Roger, and report that he has gone to court to get Nick back from Jankin and lost.  The de Veseys think Adam might find Roger in London, and offer to take him there.

The de Veseys are kind, but Adam finds in Chapter 18 that they are irresponsible and tell stories that are rude and coarse.  They make little money, and frequently go hungry.  One day they steal some food and are accosted by a watchman, who raises a "hue and cry", summoning the villagers to help him catch the vagrants.  Adam manages to escape, but loses his harp.