What happens in chapter 7 of The Egypt Game?

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Jamie Wheeler eNotes educator| Certified Educator

April and Melanie decide to let the new girl, Elizabeth Chung, play the Egypt Game with them and immediately accept her as a part of the group.   

k5ado0oy | Student

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k5ado0oy | Student

Near the end of September, the Chung family moves into the Casa Rosada, in a semi-basement apartment. It is revealed that Mr. Chung have died recently, and Mrs. Chung needs a job to support her three daughters.

The oldest daughter, Elizabeth, is nine years old, and Caroline suggests April to ask Elizabeth to play with her. However, both April and Melanie are reluctant to befriend her - they do not think highly of her and they do not want to tell her about the "Egypt Game". However, Elizabeth's delicate appearance and gentle character makes an impression on them, and they loosen up, even protecting her when she is bullied by some of her fourth-grader classmates at Wilson School. When they notice that Elizabeth's profile reminds them of that of Queen Nefertiti, they finally decide to tell her about their "Egypt Game", and she joins in.