What happens in chapter 8 of Lyddie?

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In chapter eight of Lyddie we find that Lyddie has left for Lowell. She is convinced that she will have a better chance at making a living by working in the factory in Lowell. Once Lyddie arrives in Lowell she is befriended by Mrs. Bedlow. Mrs. Bedlow takes a liking to Lyddie and gives her money to buy new clothes and arranges for Lyddie to get a job in the factory that is run by Concord Corporation.

Lyddie finds a place to stay at the boarding house in town. In this chapter Lyddie meets Amelia, Prudence and Betsy, who work in the factory as well. Lyddie is now starting a new phase in her life and she has met some of the women who will have a big influence on her. 

Throughout the whole book, Lyddie struggles to find her place and take care of herself. She is essentially alone, with her mother having been put in a mental hospital and her father gone, so Lyddie has built up a wall around herself to try to protect her feelings. She doesn't realize it yet, but those walls are starting to come down with the help of these women.