What happens in chapter 7 of "The 13th Valley"?

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Chapter 7 begins with "the big soldier" alone in the enlisted men's club. The bartender is upset because they have too much Fresca. The big soldier, AKA Whiteboy, is playing solitaire and chatting with the bartender. They discuss what happens when they get incoming fire and about why they're in the war.

As other people come in, the bartender and White boy sing a song called "Boonie Rats." A white soldier begins pretending to broadcast about the war as if it is a boxing match, and then an old-fashioned radio show. Jax orders a soldier named Chelini to take off his dog tags and then his boots, then laces them together and throws them at their owner. 

Jax joined the army at 17, after nearly failing out of school, and received his GED and got married before he was sent to Vietnam. He got in trouble for fighting a few times but eventually ended up here. 

Chelini asks the men what he is supposed to do the next day, as he is not trained to be an 11-Bravo. The men laugh and say none of them are, then describe a little of a combat situation. 

Monk tells a story of a man who stopped an attack by playing the bagpipes terribly, but then gets shot. The men continue drinking, although many soldiers are leaving the club.

Alpha Company 402D is made up of many men who have extended their enlistment in order to be able to automatically discharge when they return home. Most of these men have been working together for a long time. They discuss at politics and the idea of revolution, which will never happen among American soldiers at war. Chelini/Cherry quietly listens and feels he is being educated.

Many soldiers leave, but Whiteboy remains and begins singing "Boonie Rats" again. The bar quiets as the bartender joins in. The noise resumes seconds after the song ends. The remaining men discuss women and how they are like cats, then get into a heated discussion of racism. This eventually begins a bar fight in which Doc gets slammed into the table by a white soldier, Molino the bartender frantically tries to kick everyone out, and black soldiers and white soldiers fall out the door still flailing at one another.

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