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In chapter 6 of Percy Jackson and the Olympians: The Lightning Thief, Percy is being led around Camp Half-Blood by his centaur tour guide, Chiron. As he's wandering around the camp, Percy begins to notice that he's attracting quite a few stares and glances from the campers.

Chiron shows Percy that there are twelve different cabins that the campers live in—each cabin is associated with a particular god, and the relatives of each god live in the appropriate cabin. Cabin eleven is the cabin of Hermes—who happens to be the god of travelers—and, because Percy has no other home yet, he is put in this cabin.

Percy continues to wonder how he could be related to a god, but his friend Annabeth suggests that he surely must be, since he was able to kill a minotaur.

Percy soon meets a mean young woman named Clarisse who attempts to haze Percy by giving him a swirly. Oddly enough, water spouts out of the toilet and onto Clarisse and her rude friends, all while Percy stays bone-dry.

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