What happens in chapters 5 and 6 of Tom Sawyer?

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In church, the minister tells the story of how at the Millennium, the lion and lam will lie together and the child will lead the. Tom decides that it sounds exciting and wants to be that child, as long as the lion was tame.

When Tom becomes bored with the sermon, he takes a pinch-bug from his pocket and starts to play with it. It pinches him, he drops it, and it scurries away. A poodle that wandered into the church inadvertently sits on it, and cries out when it pinches him. This creates a spectacle as the dog runs around the church yelping until his owner finally pitches him out the window. This disruption tickles Tom.

In chapter six, Tom attempts to stay home from school, but he is not successful. Tom encounters Huck, whom he finds fascinating. Huck is experimenting with cures for warts, and is taking a dead cat to the cemetery to try out one of the theories. Tom decides to go with him.

Tom is late to school and ends up sitting by Becky Thatcher by telling the teacher why he was late. All the adults forbid children to hang out with Huckleberry Finn because of his drunken father and his antics. Tom knew he would be punished in this way. He has a crush on Becky. After several attempts to get her attention, he finally does and she sits with him during lunch. He writes "I love you" on his chalkboard before the teacher makes him sit back on the boys side of the room.

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