In The Witch of Blackbird Pond, in Chapter 3, why does Nat accompany Kit to Rachel's house and then is sorry to leave her?

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In Chapter 3 Kit finally arrives at her destination - her aunt's house, Rachel Wood. Nat goes with Captain Eaton to escort Kit to her destination but also to help carry all of Kit's luggage, of which she has quite a bit. What is made clear when Nat leaves her with the other sailors is that there is a kind of connection between them, but unfortunately they do not have time - yet - to develop this:

Two of the treeĀ sailorsĀ had already started back along the road, but Nat still stood beside the trunks and looked down at her. As their eyes met, something flashed between them, a question that was suddenly weighted with regret. But the instant was gone before she could grasp it, and the mocking light had sprung again into his eyes.

As the rest of the novel makes clear, Nat is sad because he would like to continue developing his friendship with Kit, however, circumstances dictate otherwise and so he has to leave Kit where she is and go off with his father.

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