What happens in Chapter 3 of Lyddie?

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dymatsuoka eNotes educator| Certified Educator

Lyddie begins her work as a kitchen girl at Cutler's Tavern.  She can't believe her mother has sold her and Charlie out as indentured servants, but determines to show her new employers that even though she is plain and poor, she is a hard worker.  It is hard for Lyddie to get used to being indoors and wearing a calico dress and tight shoes everyday, her mistress is not kind, and Lyddie misses Charlie fiercely, but she does her job well.  Her industriousness is recognized by a guest at the tavern, a young lady in a silk dress who says she is a factory worker in Lowell, Massachusetts.  She encourages Lyddie to go to Lowell to work too, where she will make more money and have at least a measure of independence.  Lyddie thinks the lady must be lying, but the possibility presented by her words stays in her mind.

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