What happens in chapter 2 of Lyddie?

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rmhope eNotes educator| Certified Educator

As chapter 2 opens, Lyddie and Charlie have received word from their mother that they have been hired out to pay off the family's debts. They make their preparations to leave, and they both arrive at their separate destinations: Charlie at the mill and Lyddie at the tavern. As they are getting ready to leave, they discuss the fact that the calf that has been born since their mother left belongs to them, so they decide to sell it and keep the money as "seed money" to start up farming again once the debts are paid and they can return. They then clean out the cabin and stack wood in front of the door to keep animals out. As they walk toward their destinations, they come to the Stevenses' farm. Mr. Stevens purchases their calf for $25 and invites them to dinner. Then Luke Stevens gives them a ride in his wagon so they don't have to walk the rest of the way. The Stevenses are Quakers, also known as Friends, which is why the chapter is called "Kindly Friends." The Stevenses treat the children with kindness and are sympathetic to their plight. Charlie returns their friendship easily, but Lyddie keeps them at arm's length. Like her mother, she is suspicious of the neighbors for being Quakers, and she feels awkward around Luke, who wears a "funny black hat."

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