What happens in Chapters 2 and 3 of "What Jamie Saw"?After they leave the house...

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In Chapter 2, Jamie's mother drives herself, Jamie, and his sister Nin to her friend Earl's house.  Earl lets them in, and although it is almost morning, Jamie's mother puts Jamie to bed and tells him to sleep.  When Jamie awakens it is almost noon, and he wonders about school.  Jamie doesn't want to miss school because he likes his teacher this year very much, but his mother tells him that it is "a free day" for them today.  Jamie is worried and a little disoriented, and tries not to cry.  He is happy when Earl comes home from work for lunch.  Earl is going to make pancakes, and Jamie likes pancakes, but most of all, he likes just knowing what is going to happen next.

In Chapter 3, Jamie has a delicious meal, then settles into a chair to look over his magic book, his most prized possession.  Van had bought him the book, during the time when he "was the nicest he would ever be to Jamie".  Earl has to go back to work, and promises Jamie's mom that when he returns, he will take them to see "the trailer".  When Earl is gone, Jamie plays cards with his mom awhile, then she asks him if he understands what is going on.  Jamie remembers Van throwing Nin through the air, and his mother assures him that she is finding a new place for them to live where they will be safe.  When Earl returns, he takes the family to see the trailer, even though he doesn't think is is a good idea.

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