What happens in chapter 18 of Great Expectations? And chapter 19 if you want.

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Pip has been an apprentice for four years when a well-dressed stranger arrives one night. The man is a lawyer and turns out to be the same person that Pip had seen before at Mrs Havisham's. The lawyer, who reveals his name as Mr Jaggers, tells Pip and Joe that he needs to speak with them about a business matter. It seems that Pip had come into money and would be educated as a gentleman, but he would have to keep the name Pip. Furthermore, Pip can never know who his benefactor is unless he or she decides at a later date to make his or her identity known (although he is fairly certain that it must be Mrs, Havisham) and he is to leave shortly for London to start his education. During this time,Jaggers also offers money to Joe as a payment of sorts for Pip to end his apprenticeship, but Joe becomes angry.

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