What happens in chapter 17 of the Hunger Games?

Expert Answers
chelseaosborne314 eNotes educator| Certified Educator

Chapter 17 is when we see Katniss take the fight to the Career Tributes (or just the Careers, as I will call them from now on). At this point in the Games, the Careers have taken over the Cornucopia - the spot where all the Tributes entered the arena for the first time at the start of the Games - and they have made it their home base, hoarding all of the food and weapons and other miscellaneous things that are there. Katniss, with the help of Rue (the young female Tribute from District 11), lures the Careers away from the Cornucopia with signal fires and sneaks up on the Tribute from Disctrict 3, who was left there as a guard. She sees that the Cornucopia is surrounded by landmines after Fox-Face expertly navigates her way around them to steal some supplies. Katniss then gets the idea to blow up the hoard of supplies because she sees a bag of apples hanging off of something, so she shoots the bag and the apples fall everywhere; one of them hits a landmine and that sets off a chain reaction with the other landmines and the whole thing explodes. This chapter opens up right after the explosion, while Katniss is trying to recover from the blast. Her hearing is damaged from the loud sound, and she knows the Careers will have heard it, too, so she leaves quickly to search for Rue. However, Rue is not where they agreed to meet, and after some searching, using the Mockingjays' song, she finds Rue tangled in a net. Almost immediately after Katniss finds Rue, a spear is thrown straight through Rue's chest by the male Tribute from District 1, whom Katniss kills with an arrow.