What happens in chapters 13 and 14 of "Around the World in Eighty Days"?

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You've come to the right place for help. Since you think you've lost your book, you might want download and print it from one of the three sites listed below. The book in no longer under copyright, so it is available free of charge.

Chapter 13: Fogg and his companions decide to rescue Aouda, who is about to be burned to death with her dead husband according to custom. The men hide in the forest until the priests guarding Aouda have left. Around midnight, they attempt to break down part of the wall surrounding the temple, but they hear a noise and retreat back into the forest. Passepartout, who has been hiding in a tree, gets an idea, which we will discover shortly. As morning comes, the ceremony begins, but it abruptly ends when the corpse stands up! The fakirs, soldiers, and priests run away in terror. The corpse grabs Aouda and leads her toward Fogg. Passepartout has hidden beneath the body to rescue Aouda.

Chapter 14: The group congratulates Passepartout and determine to get Aouda out of India for her safety. They buy clothing and accessories for her and leave for Allahabad. Once there, they board a train for Calcutta. During the journey, Aouda recovers from the drugs she had been given to make her docile for the burning and thanks the men for saving her. The narrator discusses the cities and religious practices along the way. After arriving in Calcutta, the group have a five-hour wait for the packet to Hong Kong.

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