What happens in chapter 10 in Skinwalkers? when i read it it didn't understand

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Lieutenant Leaphorn is re-examining a murder scene with Officer Gorman, who is not the most observant of investigators. By studying signs indicating the entry and exit paths taken...

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Leaphorn, a law enforcement professional, is examining the crime scene again for the second time with officer Gorman as he felt that there are too many loopholes in the investigation and he had to check again further for discrepancies and potential eyespot. By examining the signs that the killer had taken when he was making his escape to freedom, he found out that the killer had not take the most convenient and accessible route that he can take to escape easily, he had taken a longer route instead, showing that the killer has no experience and is not familiar with the country's landscape, so he might not be a professional hit-man, so the victim of the crime might not be killed by a assassin, but might be a stranger that has no familiarity with that area and it could have been among us all along, so he is trying to make a deduction that there is something that meets the eye and the truth might be a complete different thing.

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