What happens in Ch.15 of Lyddie by Katherine Patterson?

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In chapter 15 of Lyddie, we see that work is getting better for Lyddie. She was at first angry that she had to train Brigid, but now she is getting closer to her. Lyddie thinks she is almost done paying off her debts, but her uncle shows up with her younger sister, Rachel, and tells Lyddie that her mother has been sent to an asylum. They need someone else to take care of Rachel now. Lyddie can see that Rachel is too thin and that the young girl doesn't talk. Her uncle also informs her that they are going to have to sell the farm, to pay for her mother's stay at the asylum.

Lyddie is overwhelmed with the new added responsibility. She asks Mrs. Bedlow if Rachel can stay at the boarding house, and she agrees. Lyddie writes to her brother, Charles, to see if he can stop the sale of the farm. At work, Mr. Marsden threatens to fire Brigid, but Lyddie comes to her aid and helps her out. The only peace that Lyddie finds is when she reads Oliver Twist at night.

This chapter shows us that Lyddie is having to face real adult situations. There is added pressure on her, and now that she has to take care of her sister, the pressure is mounting. It is interesting that she finds solace in the words of Oliver Twist, an orphan. Lyddie is becoming more and more like an orphan. She is devastated by the family having to sell the farm, but we also see that Lyddie is becoming more mature and willing to do what she has to do to make things good for her and now her sister.

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