What happens in the cafeteria that makes Melinda run out of the lunchroom?

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In the cafeteria, Melinda watches as the Marthas ridicule Heather for donating canned beats and claim that she is not meeting her quota. The mean girls then ridicule Heather's posters, which Melinda actually made, and force her to carry their trays away. As Melinda watches the Marthas bully Heather, Andy Evans approaches the table and twirls Melinda's ponytail. Melinda reacts by immediately running out of the cafeteria and going into the bathroom, where she throws up her lunch and frantically washes her face in the sink. Andy Evans sexually assaulted Melinda the previous summer, and she is traumatized after being raped. Andy's presence terrifies Melinda, who struggles to confront her attacker and assimilate into her high school's social groups. Andy touching Melinda's hair causes her to become nauseous, and she runs out of the cafeteria in fear.

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