What happens in The Boy in the Striped Pajamas from chapters 8-13?

mkcapen1 | Student

In chapter 8 Bruno's grandfather is very proud of his son, Bruno’s father in his uniform, but his grandmother walks out stating that he is disgusting.  She is very disappointed in his serving in the Third Reich.

Chapter 9 , Bruno's father continues to have people in and out of his office all day.  Bruno is bored so he goes looking for something to do.  He looks out his window to where the out-with is and decides to try and get to it.

Chapter 10, Bruno meets a new friend behind the fence.  He is a boy like him but he wears striped pajamas.  The boy looks so sad and is sitting on the ground with his legs crossed looking at the ground.  The boy's name is Schmuel.

Chapter 11, Seven months have passed since they moved to the country.  The Fury is coming to dinner.  (Fuerer:Hitler) The children are cued how to behave when he arrives.  The Fury arrives and is not what Bruno expected.  Bruno does not like the Fury.  His parents start fighting over something he does not understand.  His mother seems to be upset about where the kids are growing up.

Chapter 12, Schumel tells Bruno about the changes in his life and how he came to be at the camp.  Bruno can not understand the terror of what his friend is telling him.  Bruno crawls under the fence to be by Schumel.  He then goes back home but he does not tell about his friend.

Chapter 13 Bruno gets used to his living situation and loads his pockets to sneak food to Schumel.  Bruno asks about the Jewish man named Pavel who peels their vegetables.  Bruno tells that Pavel told him he was a doctor.  Maria explains that he is not one anymore.

Bruno discusses the Lieutenant Kotler.  Schumel tells Bruno that there are no good soldiers.  Bruno does not understand.  Kotler goes to dinner with the family.  Pavel spills the wine at dinner and Kotler does mean things to him that make the children cry.  Bruno begins to realize that Pavel is being treated badly and things are not very good.


dominant97 | Student

whats wit kotler why is father concerned bout his father and how dies that concern harm kotler?

belbelpash | Student

dont have any idea just copying for homework.

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