What happens in the boy in the striped pajamas from chapters 1-8?a 6 sentence summary is needed

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In the beginning of the book Bruno, a small boy, learns that his family is going to be moving. The family moves to the countryside because of his father's position in the military.  Bruno, his father, his mother, and his sister Gretel.  Bruno sees the men in what he believes are pajamas. Bruno gets a swing made from an old tire.  Bruno injures himself and a Jewish man who was a doctor helps him into the kitchen.  He does not know the man is from the concentration camp.  Bruno's grandparents come to visit.  His grandmother gets upset ad tells her son, Bruno's father, that it makes her sick to see him wearing his uniform and serving the people dinner who visit them.  Bruno finally gets free of the walls that have held him in the yard of his new home.  He goes to the Out-With, a place where the men in pajamas  live.