What happens between the narrator and the manager?

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The narrator, named Hazel, along with Big Brood and Baby Jason, goes to watch a movie at the cinema. The movie is called Gorilla, My Love, and so the narrator expects it, perhaps not unreasonably, to be about a gorilla. However, when the movie begins to play, it seems to be about Jesus, and much to Hazel's disappointment, there is no gorilla anywhere to be seen. Hazel, Big Brood, and Baby Jason decide to make a scene and "go wild," and they start "Yellin, booin, stompin and carrying on."

Hazel starts yelling, "We want our money back" and gets everybody else to join in with her. She then decides to go to see the manager to follow through with her demand and get a refund. Hazel considers the manager to be "a crook" for misleading her about the movie. She also says that she has never liked the manager because he is "oily and pasty at the same time like the bad guy in the serial."

When she does see the manager, Hazel thinks that he is very dismissive of her, asking her "What is it," as if she was "somebody's retarded child." Furious, Hazel "kick[s] the door open" and marches "right by" the manager. She sits down, gives the manager a piece of her mind, and then tells him that she wants her money back. The manager, however, somehow forces Hazel to leave, and so, by way of revenge, she decides to steal a box of matches "from under his ashtray." On her way out, Hazel uses the matches to "set a fire under the candy stand." This fire forces the cinema to close down "for a week." Hazel considers this to make her and the manager "even-steven."

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