What happens between Rahim and Amir? Why do you think Rahim does that? page 90-100

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ladyvols1 eNotes educator| Certified Educator

This section of "The Kite Runner" tells the reader about Amir's 13th Birthday party.  Amir gets a book about Hitler from Assef and he throws it in the bushes and sits down by the wall.  Rahim comes over to Amir and talks to him about a time in his life when he almost got married.  He relates to Amir that his father ran off the girl and he never saw her again.  He shares with Amir that "it was probably for the best.  You aren't served coffee by someone one day and call her sister the next."  Rahim then tells Amir that he can tell Rahim anything.  If he has a problem that has him upset that he can share that with Rahim.  Rahim then gives Amir a journal and says, "it's for your stories."

Rahim has long been the go between for Amir and his father.  Rahim talks with Amir and gives him the book to encourage Amir to open up about what is wrong and to encourage him to continue writing.  Rahim is very aware of the tension between Amir and his father, so he hopes to be a friend to encourage Amir.

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