What happens between Assef/Wali/Kamal and Amir and Hassan?

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In the Book "The Kite Runner" Assef is a socio path who torments the children of the neighborhood.  He is from a wealthy family and lives in Kabulwith Hassan and Amir.  One day Assef and his friends confront Amir and are going to beat him up.  However, Hassan steps in and pulls out his sling shot.

The second incident is far more serious.  Hassan had run aftr the kite for Amir when he was stopped by Assef, Wali, Kamal, and Assef.  Assef is hateful and has a grudge against Hassan.  Assef had removed Hassan's pats and Wali tells him that what he is about to do is a sin.  Kamal looks away from the scene.

Assef tries to convince the boys that raping Hassan would not matter because he is just a Hazzara.  Assef then rapes Hassan.  Amir is hiding but can see what is happening.  He is too afraid to intervene and he bites down on his arm.  It is the moment that changes everything in his and Hassan's life.

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