What happens at the end of Treasure Island?

At the end of Treasure Island, Long John Silver escapes with a bag of money at a Spanish American port while the rest of the crew split the treasure among themselves once they make it to Bristol. Additionally, Jim claims that his sailing days are over.

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After the climax, in which the pirates discover that the map did not lead them to the treasure and subsequently mutiny against the baffled Long John Silver, Treasure Island ends with the treasure recovered. After Dr. Livesey and his party fire on the pirates, who scatter in all directions, it is revealed that Ben Gunn had dug up the treasure some time ago. After finding it, he moved it to his cave.

Jim and the non-pirate members of the crew take the treasure with them on the ship. They are able to load it onto the Hispaniola over a period of three days while Jim packs the coins into bread bags. They leave the remaining three pirates on the deserted island, but Long John Silver comes with them, despite no one trusting him. During their voyage back to Bristol, Long John Silver manages to steal some of the treasure and sneak overboard with it (Jim presumes he returned home to his wife, briefly mentioned earlier in the novel).

Once the Hispaniola returns to its original destination, everyone divides up the treasure for their share. Captain Smollett retires in comfort, and Ben spends all of his share quickly before becoming a lodge keeper. Jim does not say much of himself, save that he is haunted by dreams of the pirates and that he never plans on going back to the sea, let alone treasure hunting.

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