What happens at the end of scene 10 in A Streetcar Named Desire?

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At the end of scene 10, Stanley and Blanche fight and he carries her away to rape her.

During scene 10, Stanley catches Blanche in a lie. He goads her on and fights with her after she's continued on with her story that he knew wasn't true. As tensions spiral, they fight. She wants him to leave and he insists that he isn't going to.

Near the end of the scene, Blanche threatens Stanley with a beer bottle. She breaks it on the table and threatens to twist it in his face. He mocks her. Stanley flips a table and attacks her, then disarms her. He says they've had that date from the beginning and then she falls down. He picks her up, takes her away, and rapes her offstage.

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At the end of Scene 10 in A Streetcar Named Desire, Blanche is on the telephone trying to connect to Western Union.  Stanley emerges from the bathroom wearing his special pajamas, and he eyes her.  Blanche tries to send a telegraph saying that she's "caught in a trap," but she is interrupted.  Her line signals the impending violence at the end of the scene.  Stanley takes the phone from Blanche, and positions himself between her and the door.  She grabs a bottle and smashes it on the table; then she threatens to attack Stanley with the sharp end.  He lunges for her, and she drops the bottle.  Stanley tells her that they have "had this date from the beginning" and carries her off.  The setting at the end of the scene implies that Stanley rapes Blanche at this point.

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