What happens after Mrs. Drover leaves the house? 

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After Mrs. Drover leaves the house, a lone taxi pulls up to pick her up.

The text tells us that Mrs. Drover walks to the main road after she leaves the house. At the busy thoroughfare, a taxi pulls up. It is as if the driver instinctively knows that Mrs. Drover needs a ride.

Unfortunately for Mrs. Drover, the taxi driver begins to drive back to her house. She begins to panic when she realizes what is happening. As she had not given any previous instructions to the driver, she is horrified at this unforeseen development. Frantically, she scratches on the glass panel to get the driver's attention.

Almost immediately, the driver brakes, causing the car to come close to stopping. The sudden action plunges Mrs. Drover forward, so that her eyes meet the driver's. It takes only a moment before a horrible realization dawns on Mrs. Drover. At this point, the author does not confirm who Mrs. Drover has seen.

However, we suspect that she has just seen her lover from the past, and this is what shocks her. Of course, the touch of magical realism here makes the ending even more startling. The question begs to be asked: did Mrs. Drover recognize the "spectral glitters" in her former lover's eyes? The word "spectral" refers to an otherworldly presence. So, has the lover returned in spirit form to take Mrs. Drover back to himself?

The author suggests that this is exactly what happens in the last line of the story. The word "hinterland" evokes images of otherworldly regions, beyond the comprehension of our human consciousness.

After that she continued to scream freely and to beat with her gloved hands on the glass all round as the taxi, accelerating without mercy, made off with her into the hinterland of deserted streets.

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     There is not much that happens after Mrs. Dover leaves the house, but it is where everything in the story comes together.  She leaves the house when a draft of air suggests someone is leaving the basement or is in the house with her. She quickly descends the stairs and exits the house with some relief her disturbing journey is near completion. Mrs. Dover quickly finds a taxi in a deserted area and is thankful for her luck. However, upon entering the cab it begins to drive back toward the house although she has not given directions to the driver. She knocks on the glass to get his attention. Staring into the eyes of the driver she is paralyzed for a few moments. Then she begins to scream.

     The last few minutes of Mrs. Dover's journey make up very little of the overall storyline. However, it is these last few minutes that beautifully tie in the entire story to the culminating point. The reader is left to ponder her ultimate fate.

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