What happens after Farquhar seems to escape from the creek?

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In the fantasy in which Farquhar finds himself escaping the attack of the Union soldiers and his immersion in the river, he travels continuously until he reaches his home.  Along the way, Farquhar travels through a forest that seems especially strange to him, though he is still aware of the direction in which he must travel.  As he prepares to step into an embrace with his wife, he dies.  Throughout the last part of the last chapter of this story, Bierce (the author) provides the reader with hints and suggestions that Farquhar is actually being hanged and that what is apparently happening to Farquhar is not as it seems; reality begins to intrude upon fantasy.

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Farquhar never escaped it was an allusion in his mind

that happend durring the drop and then he hit the end of the rope and died

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