What happens after Atticus foils their plans and tells them to stop bothering Arthur Radley (Boo)?

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At the end of Chapter 5, Atticus uses his rhetorical skills as a lawyer and tricks Jem into admitting that they were making fun of Boo. Atticus tells the three of them to end this game. As Atticus is walking away, Jem hollers to him that he's not sure he wants to be a lawyer anymore. 

In the next chapter, a determined Jem leads Scout and Dill down the street. They decide to get a look at Boo Radley, despite Atticus's warnings. They sneak through the gate in the Radley's backyard. Hearing them, Mr. Radley comes outside and actually fires his shotgun. They squeeze under the fence during their escape, but Jem tears and loses his pants in the process. They return to their house to find a group outside of the Radley's front porch. Miss Maudie informs them that Mr. Radley "shot at a Negro in his collard patch." Miss Stephanie adds that Mr. Radley will shoot again whether it is a dog, a negro, or Jem Finch. When Atticus asks Jem what happened to his pants, Dill says he won them in a game of strip poker. 

Later that night, Jem goes to retrieve his pants. In Chapter 7, he reveals to Scout that upon retrieving his pants, he realizes the torn pants had been sown. 


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