What happens after the 50th page in The Road by Cormac McCarthy?i just wanna knoo the important parts that happened maybe in the first 100 pages.

mkcapen1 | Student

This is a difficult question to answer because there were many important parts in the story that lead to the whole idea of the story.  The boy and the man continue down the road.  They run into a man who is part of a larger group of men who feed on humans.  The boy's father protects the boy from the man. 

The boy and his father find an old abandoned house that has piles of clothing in it.  They think it may be an okay place to be but when they unlock a cellar room they see people all locked up.  One man has been cut upon his legs and body.  The others are begging for help.  He has to leave quickly with the son so the men who have canabilized the humans will not catch them.

The man and son find a house that has an outside shelter under the ground that is filled with food cans and cots and a stove.  They enjoy real warm meals and rest and relaxation.  They are warm for a change, but they can not stay long.

They find a man on the side of the road whom they feed and the boy gives can goods to him, but the man never thanks the boy.

They finally make it to the ocean but it is like sludge.  The boy comes down sick and he gets well.  The father had obtained some supplies such as a flare gun from a boat wreck.

In a community they are shot at by someone.

The father becomes very sick and dies.  The boy stays by his side until he hears someone on the road.  It is a pregnant woman and some men.  He joins them and goes forward on his journey without his father.

I may have told these things out of order, but that is what I could remember.