What happened to the window and the wall in chapt 23?

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In this chapter, the Hickham family is sitting in their living room. Homer Sr. just gets up from his chair when a bullet comes whizzing through the window. If Homer had stayed sitting in his chair, he might have been shot. The bullet breaks the window and tears a hole in the wallpaper. Elsie says that she can fix the hole so that no one will even be able to tell what happened. They both react very calmly about the shot, which surprises Sonny.

After the shot, the family hears screeching tires outside of their house. There is a strike brewing at the mine, and Homer and Elsie believe that one of the striking miners, perhaps the infamous Pooky Suggs or one of his boys, has fired the shot to scare Homer and his family. Homer decides not to tell the police because he believes it would not do any good and might bring harm to them, as they are not very competent.

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