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David Copperfield

by Charles Dickens

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What happened while David and Peggotty were in Yarmouth?

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David and Peggotty travel to Yarmouth in chapter three of David Copperfield to stay with Peggotty’s brother, Dan, for two weeks. They are met by Ham, who takes them back to the Peggotty home. Peggotty’s brother is a retired sailor and lives on a boat with his young relatives, Ham and Emily, and a local widow Mrs. Gummidge.

The important points to take from this section of the story is that David and Emily spend a lot of time together, and David believes that he has fallen in love with her. David also learns that Mrs. Gummidge sees the ghost of her dead husband. Following these visions, Mrs. Gummidge falls into a deep depression.

David enjoys his time with the Peggotty family, but on his return home, he discovers that his mother has married Mr. Murdstone.

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