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What Happened After The Southern States Seceded From The Union

What happened when the Southern states seceded? Did they dissolve their ties to the US, and nullify results of the 1860 election?

Or did they supported John Breckenridge as the Democratic presidential candidate in 1860, or refuse to take part in the election of 1860?

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When South Carolina became the first state to secede from the Union, they were breaking all ties to the United States and forming their own government. They did not secede until after the 1860 election and inauguration of Abraham Lincoln as president of the United States. They had supported the democratic candidate for president, but he lost to Lincoln. They were afraid Lincoln was going to abolish slavery and waited until he was actually president before trying to leave the Union. By cutting ties to the U.S.,they effectively nullifed the results of the 1860 election and the Confederate states chose Jefferson Davis as their president. However, Lincoln and Congress never recognized their rights to leave the Union and that's why the Civil War began.

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awesomeness215 | Student

Before the 1860 presidential election, many southerners had warned that if lincoln won, the southern states would secede. Supporters of secession based their arguments on the idea of states' rights.They claimed that the states also had the right to leave the Union. On 12/20/1860 south carolina became the first staate to secede.

During the next 6 weeks, Mississippi, Florida, Alabama, Georgia, Louisiana, and Texas joined in secession.

In early feb. 1861, the states that seceded met in Montgomery, Alabama. They formed the Confederate States of America. The convention named Jefferson Davis president of the confederacy (who was a friend of abe.That was a pretty stupid thing to do).

meanwhile there was a fort in the southern areas which was runnig short on supplies so abe thought that he should send a ship over loded with supplies but the southern states are thinking, "their sending republican ships over to the democrats side" but abe told them he was just trying to keep the american soldiers safe. But still the south kept denying and saying that if you send ships it means war. Abe thought he would feel like he had no controll over anything so he still sent the ships and then the south went bazzark and that my friends is how the Civil War started!!!!!! :) my teacher told us this so if yoyu think its wrong then come up with a better answer!!!! :)


hemaar | Student

ha, I have this exact same question on my final. They dissolved their ties with the United States. I'm pretty sure.

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Neither answer above is fully correct. South Carolina, and all other states, participated in the 1860 election and supported John Breckenridge. They feared that Lincoln would abolish slavery, a subject that had been very touchy for South Carolina since 1830. Unhappy with the election results and expecting Lincoln to enact anti-slavery laws, South Carolina seceded from the Union, with 6 other states quickly following. Eventually, the states in the Confederacy would total 11.

Delegates from the original 7 states met in Alabama and voted to form the Confederate States of America on February 8, 1861.

Lincoln was inaugurated on March 4.

The Confederate states quickly amassed an army, and focused on Fort Sumter in South Carolina, which the Union army still occupied. The Confederates demanded the surrender of the fort, which was denied. On April 12, the Confederates fired on the fort, taking it by force 34 hours later.

Lincoln never acknowledged the Confederate government and argued against their right to secede. Therefore, in his eyes, the attack on Fort Sumter constituted armed insurrection, and led to the Civil War. The battle that would ensue lasted 4 years and resulted in 620,000 deaths among soldiers on both sides. The final battle ended on May 13, 1865.

mwallace1975 | Student

The south seceded from the union and did not take part in the election of 1860. The southern states became their own nation called the Confederate States of America. They had their capital in Montgomery Alabama.