What happened when Rip came to an opening in the woods?

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To get away from his nagging shrew of a wife, Rip Van Winkle heads off to the Catskills for a spot of squirrel hunting. It's a beautifully bright autumnal day, and as well as being a perfect spot for shooting squirrels this part of the Catskills gives old Rip some much-needed solitude, a chance to be by himself away from all his troubles at home.

Soon, Rip starts getting tired with all the physical exertion of his hunting, so he decides to rest his weary bones against a grassy green knoll. Peeping through a gap in the trees, Rip is treated to commanding views of the lower country for many a mile of rich woodland. In the far distance, he can spot the mighty Hudson River, flowing majestically as it snakes its way silently into the blue highlands.

From the other side, Rip can see a deep mountain glen, so deep in fact that the sun's rays can scarcely reach its depths. He muses on this remarkable scene of natural beauty for a while before beginning his descent. Then, all of a sudden, he hears someone cry out his name: "Rip Van Winkle! Rip Van Winkle!" Unbeknownst to Rip, he's about to embark upon the most extraordinary experience of his life.

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