In Hoot by Carl Hiaasen, what happened when the reporter asked Mr Muckle if the Mother Paula Company still intended to build a pancake house?

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Hoot by Carl Hiaasen traces the steps of Roy Eberhardt as he must contend with being an outsider at his new school where he is bullied and mistreated but manages to forge friendships and impress, even his parents, as he stands up for what he believes in. 

The Mother Paula Company wants to build a new pancake house on a piece of protected land. Documents have gone missing and underhand deals have been made which means that the resident owl population is now threatened as construction of the pancake house is about to go ahead. The Environmental Impact Assessment (EIS) is missing and Chuck Muckle, the Vice-President of the pancake company, claims that the owl burrows have long-since been abandoned.

Roy, "Mullet Fingers" and Beatrice manage to expose and delay the construction with pranks which serve to irritate Chuck Muckle; the man who has coerced (pressured) "Curly" into agreeing to start construction, despite the burrowing owls on the site which will be lost forever if this project goes forward. The rubber snakes are the last straw. He has even tried to choke the newspaper reporter as he has tried to downplay the situation. 

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