What happened when José and Eddie left the hospital in chapter 8 of Buried Onions?

When Eddie and Jose leave the hospital in chapter 8 of Buried Onions, Eddie sees Angel coming in the opposite direction. Although both Eddie and Angel are still injured from their recent fight and have just received medical attention, they go at it again, fighting each other on the back stairs of the hospital.

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Eddie has just got into a fight with Angel. It's a pretty nasty affair, with no quarter given and none asked for. What makes the fight particularly brutal is that Eddie is outnumbered; he's not just being attacked by Angel, but by Angel's friend Samuel.

Eddie manages to escape and finds refuge at his friend José's place. José is still recovering from his knife wounds, and needs to go to the hospital to have his stitches removed. Eddie agrees to go with him, even though he's doubtless aware that Miguel could strike at any moment.

Eddie and José aren't detained for very long at the hospital. When they leave, they take the back stairs of the hospital. Much to the boys' astonishment, they see Miguel coming in the opposite direction. Like Eddie, Angel's in quite a state from their fight earlier; even though he had a friend to help him out, he still got a good hiding from Eddie.

But Eddie's not done just yet. When he sees Angel, the red mist starts to descend on him. He attacks Angel, and before long, the two are involved in yet another brutal fight, tumbling down the back stairs of the hospital, grappling together in an almighty clinch.

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