What happened when the family started to bury Henrietta's body?

user9604391 | Student

As Cliff and Fred lowered Henrietta's coffin into her grave and began coveringit with handfuls of dirt, the sky turned black as strap molasses. The rain fell thick and fast. Then came long rumbling thunder, screams from babies, and a blast of wind so strong it tore the metal roof off the barn below the cemetary and sent it flying through the air above Henrietta's grave, its lonf metal slopes flapping like the wings of a giant silver bird. The wind caused fires that burned tobacco fields. It ripped trees from the ground, blew power lines out for miles, and tore one Lacks cousin's wooden cabin clear out of the ground, threw him from the living room into his garden, then landed on top of him, killing him instantly (pg, 92).I think she was trying to say that she wasn't gone yet,her spirit was still alive and she didn't appreciate the way she was treated by the doctors.She was a fighter and she nothing was going to stop her not even her death.

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