The Vietnam War Questions and Answers

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What Happened To The Vietnamese Civilians During The Vietnam War? What Happened To The Land Of The Vietnamese Civilians During The Vietnam War?

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It seems like the manner in which the questions are outlined are driven out of a text or some type of class resource.  You might be best to consult that, especially if you are being assessed on "right" or "wrong" answers being completed.  I could certainly take a shot on some of these.  Vietnamese civilians were caught in the middle of the Viet Cong troops and the American soldiers.  Certainly, they were in an unenviable situation because of it.  Another reality facing the civilians was an incredibly high casualty and death count, as fighting often involved them and was located in densely populated areas.  In terms of land impacts, one major impact was that the prolonged bombing and fighting helped to destroy much of the rice crops in what was seen as the rice producing capital of the world.  Another impact was that the use of napalm and other chemical agents in fighting permanently altered the agricultural landscape of the region.

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The Vietnam War was very hard on civilians because it was being fought all over the territory of South Vietnam.  It was also hard on them because both sides in the war were trying to make use of the civilians.

Vietnamese civilians:

  • Often got killed by people from either side.  Communists would kill people who helped the US.  Americans sometimes killed people when they weren't sure if they were on our side or not.
  • Were often forced to give supplies or other help to the communists.
  • Suffered from birth defects due to Agent Orange.

The land:

  • Was sprayed with Agent Orange which killed the plants and made various parts of the food chain poisonous.
  • Was often planted with land mines.


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