Frindle Questions and Answers
by Andrew Clements

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What happened to Mrs. Granger when she got the package?

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In Frindle by Andrew Clements, Mrs. Granger is the English teacher for the fifth grade at Lincoln Elementary School. Nick, the main character of the book, is one of her students. At one point, Mrs. Granger assigns Nick a report about how the English dictionary was created. Nick's curiosity about the dictionary and English words is what led to her giving him the assignment.

After he presents what he has learned about the dictionary to Mrs. Granger's English class, he challenges his teacher to explain why words mean what they are defined as in the dictionary. He begins to think more about words and their meanings and creates his own word one day: frindle. A frindle, Nick says, is the proper name for an ink pen. He convinces many of his classmates to use the word frindle going forward instead of the word pen. Mrs. Granger expresses frustration at his insistence to use a made-up word. Nick goes on to try to get the word frindle into the dictionary.

Ten years later, Nick is in college and has inherited a large sum of money. He receives a package one day from Mrs. Granger containing a dictionary, a letter from her and her favorite pen. Her note tells him that frindle is finally in the dictionary. And a note with the pen includes the word frindle. Nick realizes that Mrs. Granger had always been supporting him in his goal to get frindle into the dictionary.

On Christmas day, Mrs. Granger receives a knock at her door, but no one is there. She finds a package on her doorstep and an envelope in her mailbox. The envelope includes a letter from her school's superintendent stating that a new college scholarship fund has been set up and named after her. A former student is said to have donated 1 million dollars. She is shocked and thinks it must be a mistake. She then opens the package and finds a gold pen inside. Nick includes a note that states, "This object belongs to Mrs. Lorelei Granger, and she may call it any name she chooses."

When evaluating what happens to Mrs. Granger when she receives the package, consider what her emotions might be as she finds and then opens Nick's gift. She has spent her whole career mentoring children and is now able to see one of her most challenging students succeed and show her how much he cares and appreciates her.

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