What happened to Fudge's teeth in Tales of a Fourth Grade Nothing? How did it happen?

Farley Drexel Hatcher, known as Fudge, is the two-year-old brother of narrator Peter Hatcher. In chapter four of Tales of a Fourth Grade Nothing, Fudge is injured while pretending to be a bird. He jumps off a jungle gym and loses his two front teeth. The chapter is entitled "My Brother The Bird."

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Judy Blume's novel Tales of a Fourth Grade Nothing, describes the antics of Farley Drexel Hatcher, narrator Peter Hatcher's younger brother. In the opening scene of the novel, Peter describes Fudge as his biggest problem.

In chapter four, which is entitled "My Brother the Bird," Peter, his friend Jimmy Fargo, Peter's not-friend Sheila, Fudge, and Peter's mom are in Central Park. Sheila asks Mrs. Hatcher if she can babysit Fudge. Mrs. Hatcher decides to leave Sheila in charge of Fudge and asks Peter and Jimmy to help her watch him. She wants to go turn on the oven and expects to be back in ten minutes.

Once Mrs. Hatcher leaves and the group reaches the playground, Sheila forgets about babysitting Fudge and begins chasing Peter around, yelling "Peter's got the cooties" over and over again, as she does often. While Peter, Jimmy, and Sheila are distracted, Fudge climbs the jungle gym. He is fascinated by birds and has decided he will fly like one. Just before takeoff, Fudge yells for Peter and says "See ... see ... Fudgie's a birdie ... fly, birdie, fly!"

Before they can reach him, he falls from the jungle gym, having found out the hard way he can't fly. He has scrapes and bruises on his knees and elbows, and his chest and mouth are a mess of blood. After Peter wipes away the blood, he realizes Fudge is missing his two front teeth.

Jimmy and Sheila begin looking for them, attracting the attention of other children who also begin looking for them. After Mrs. Hatcher returns and assesses the situation, she surmises that Fudge must have swallowed the teeth.

Later, the dentist says that he will be toothless until age six or seven. Peter begins calling Fudge "Fang," until his mother puts a stop to it.

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