That Was Then, This Is Now Questions and Answers
by S. E. Hinton

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What happened to the Texans?

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In Chapter 5, Bryon and Mark hustle a couple of guys from Texas in billiards and win twenty-five dollars from them. After the Texans lose, they wait in an alley for Bryon and Mark to leave Charlie's bar. As soon as Bryon and Mark walk out of Charlie's, the Texans say that they are going to give them a lesson on why the boys shouldn't hustle pool. One of the Texans was aiming a gun at Bryon and Mark, while the other man, Dirty Dave, was putting on brass knuckles. Out of nowhere, Charlie comes to the rescue and tells the Texans to drop their weapons because he has a loaded sawed-off shotgun. When Bryon and Mark reach Charlie, they thank him and one of the Texans fires a gun. Charlie slams both of them to the ground, and Mark picks up Charlie's shotgun. Mark begins to fire back at the Texans, but misses. After the shootout is over, Bryon and Mark find out that Charlie is dead. In Chapter 6, Bryon and Mark testify in court against the Texans. The Texans were sentenced to life in prison for murdering Charlie.

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